Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. There were questions in the Defence CUP Assessments that were not relevant to my role, do I still need to answer these questions?

Yes, please complete all questions in the Defence CUP Assessments to the best of your ability. The questions within the assessments are not intended to be role specific. The results of the Defence CUP Assessments will be reviewed in aggregate, to build a picture of capability across the participants.

It is necessary for Defence to analyse our capability and benchmark ourselves against a defined standard and against other organisations so that we can determine, prioritise and focus our development efforts.

2. The Assessment uses different terms than what Defence uses to describe procurement concepts. Does this mean the concepts won’t be as relevant to how we operate in Defence?

This pilot program is an exercise to determine whether this industry-recognised e-Learning suite could be relevant to Defence going forward. Whilst the terminology may differ, the outcomes for the procurement functions are similar. The e-Learning is an opportunity to understand industry terminology and access their resources.

3. My role primarily covers Contract Management activities. Why are the Procurement Assessments mandatory for me?

Many questions featured throughout the Procurement Assessments also cover competencies required in Contract Management. We strongly recommend you complete all four assessments to provide a more representative set of data; especially if you are in, have previously been in, or intend to be in a Contract Management role.

4. I already have qualifications in procurement. Why should I undertake this program?

Procurement qualifications provide a defined knowledge base for procurement. These assessments are about applying non-Defence-specific training in a Defence-specific context, as well as giving you the opportunity to build upon your formal qualifications in a flexible and convenient way.

5. I was unable to complete my timed Defence CUP Assessment within the allocated time, what should I do?

The timed Knowledge Evaluation Assessments close after 60 minutes and it is crucial to be aware of the time limit when you are completing the assessments. Each page of questions should be completed in approximately 5-6 minutes. If you are unsuccessful in completing the assessment in time, please contact [email protected].

6. One of the Defence CUP Reports includes recommendations to attend a workshop, can I attend this workshop as part of the Defence CUP?

The recommendations within your Defence CUP Reports are based on your responses to each step of the procurement management process. Please note: the 10% Structured Training recommendations include suggestions for specific workshops to attend. These workshops are not a part of the Defence CUP pilot and will not be provided by the Defence.

7. Will the results of my Assessments be shared with anyone?

No. However, we ask all participants to share their Defence CUP Reports with their supervisors to plan the relevant training and development activities in the procurement and contract management space.

As noted in FAQ 1, results of the Defence CUP Assessments will be reviewed in aggregate, to build a complete picture of capability across participants.

If you would like to obtain a copy of Comprara’s Privacy statement, please email [email protected].